Enfield Golf Club

Adverse weather and Winter Policy

Un-playable Conditions

The course is inspected on a daily basis by the Head / Deputy Green Keeper, Club Professional and Management and a decision made by the Head Green Keeper and Professional as to whether the course is playable and shall be opened. 

If the course is deemed unplayable and closed members and visitors must not venture onto the golf course. This is primarily about the safety of members and guests with due consideration to the protection of the course.

Any persons found to be deliberately ignoring this rule will be contacted by Enfield Golf Cub (EGC) seeking an explanation for their actions. EGC will review each case on its merits and any further action will be at the Club’s discretion.

Inclement Weather (More Especially Lightning)      

 EGC operate a lightning predictive system. Should this warn of possible strikes nearby a Klaxon / Air Horn will sound.

Players are advised that

ONE LONG BLAST means leave the course immediately and seek safe shelter notably the Clubhouse or Greenkeepers Store

TWO SHORT BLASTS mean that play may be resumed at the player’s discretion


Visitors and guests

It is the golfer’s responsibility to check weather and course conditions, EGC will be pleased to pass on all known weather conditions. If prior to commencing your round of golf, you decide that the weather conditions are such that you do not wish to continue (and the course is playable) no refund shall be given and the following policy applies:

If you have played less than 9holes you will be given a complimentary round of golf for the equivalent day / time valid for one week.
If you have played more than nine holes you will be given a complimentary round of golf for the equivalent day applicable only at the twilight time (we do not operate a nine whole rate)


A decision will be made by the Professional in consultation with the Head / Deputy Green Keeper as to whether buggies can go out on the course. If you are unable to complete a round without a buggy we recommend that you call the club on the morning of your round.

By order of the Committee of Enfield Golf Club, June 2016

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